This blog started out when I met up with two climbing friends, André (aka Frog) and Adrian (aka Pigmy). We first met in the late 70s when we were all members of the MCSA Natal section (we think it was the late 70s – too many party-nights in our young days make these memories a little fuzzy).

In the 2000s I coaxed them into joining me in the Dolomites, where we intended to play on via ferratas (‘iron ways’).

Since then, we’ve had many more adventures in the Dolomites. Unfortunately, I haven’t recorded any of these. Except for photographs – which in themselves may become a story one day… André and I also spent a month climbing Africa’s three highest mountains – Mt Stanley in Uganda (5,109m), Mt Kenya (only got to the top of Pt Lenana – 4,985m due to adverse weather conditions), and Kilimanjaro (5,895m) – the king of African mountains. I describe our climb, plus the adventures I had along the way getting there in “From Platberg to Kilimanjaro” (available from Waterstones in the UK, Amazon, Google, and directly from me – harry.loots@walkinwildplaces.com).

I tell more about my later adventures with various climbing mates on Mountain Paths.