Day one: Via ferrata Averau

Sunday morning.

It’s Pigmy’s first taste of Dolomites rock, so we head for Averau (2647m). The route to the summit is an excellent start to any climbing trip. Easy Via Ferrata; chance to get used to the feel of the rock, get your legs stretched and be rewarded with stupendous views when you reach the summit.

We get off early, trying to beat the looming clouds. Park at Rifugio Fedare after dodging cars going in the opposite direction on the seemingly endless hairpin bends! A short chair-lift ride ends at Rifugio Averau (cheating, I know), where the route to the summit begins.

Our view from the top consists of cloud, cloud and more cloud…

Large slices of cake and coffee at the newly renovated Rifugio Averau made up for the lack of views from the top…

Footnote: when being helpful is not being helpful…
When we arrived to start the climb, a lady and her male companion were on the first ledge ascending the Ferrata, We overtook them and continued to the summit. Arriving back at the bottom ledge, the same lady was at the final cable to the foot of the climb. Her companion was at the bottom. Offering to help her down, which she readily accepted, she unclipped one karabiner and started downwards… Until her companion started shouting at her… Suddenly it became clear she was meant to be going upwards….

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